Budapest Vibes- Take life with a pinch of salt.

So for my birthday I was gifted one of the most amazing gifts ever- a trip to Budapest! Seriously, who knew I lived so close to somewhere so beautiful?! 
Everywhere we went was just beautiful. Every corner of the street, every little passage way, every building and every crack. It was so cheap too, so you can definitely experience the food (because priorities) and the sights and all that comes with it very affordably! 

I like trips like this.

Just a little disclaimer, you know when you're trying to explain something and you can't? A bit like defining a smell of a perfume, you can't really do it but you try.. So here come a lot of 'theres' and 'wheres' while I do my best! 

Although you can never visit a place and experience absolutely everything, we had two and a half days to explore, where we had a chance to really see and feel where we were. I was really satisfied with the trip, because I was there. I can't explain what I'm trying to say, but you can never go to a place for a day and say you were there, perhaps that you visited yes, but where you really there?! Taking a picture next to the castle or the parliament (which errr btdubs was gorgeous), does it mean that you were there, like really there, in the moment, taking in what you're seeing, being inspired and really just being there?! Because I was. And I loved it. 

I was really inspired, although exhausted I just felt like it was amazing to get away from the day to day life and uni work (which piled up immensely, but that's not the point). I had so much time to realise how happy I actually am with where I am now (minus the uni work and other life stressors). But overall I just thought I was happy with my friends with my beautiful family I have in Cornwall, the good grades at uni from January exams. I don't want to jinx it, but I was kind of proud of my self a little.

I realised that there really isn't too much time to hold grudges or be truly mad at people. I know what I'm saying is terribly cliche, but it's true. Being angry, hurt or upset will only impact you and not them.. Be the best possible version of you that you can. And I'm not saying you can't be mad or hurt or angry or incredibly sad. Be it, but don't focus on those feelings for too long. Let the feelings out be angry for the moment for the day or a week, but be ok after. Don't try and hide it or suppress it as it will hit you ten times harder later. All I'm saying is that don't waste too much energy on the negative emotions, and allow yourself to feel what you need to feel so that you can be okay after.

Letting go of people and memories is never easy. Sometimes you part ways and sometimes life brings you back together. I just realised that you shouldn't shut the door on anyone because life is one big opportunity and shutting doors on people we are angry with, upset with, hurt by is not what makes us feel better. Letting go of those feelings will.

Yes you will fail miserably and for the past few days I really thought life hated me, but guess what? All we can do is try being better and working on things we don't like. Most importantly though... Taking care of yourself. No one is saying that you can't make mistakes, that's what makes us learn, it makes us human. Take life with a pinch of salt. Don't get bogged down with things you can't change, don't wait around for things to be better, don't take everything so seriously, don't over think or over complicate things. Sometimes they just need to be. Be in the moment, feel, love, laugh, be happy, be sad, be whatever the hell you want to be, do whatever the hell you want to do, as long as you're being you while you're doing it. And be sensitive, because other people feel the same way and they might be having a bad day, it's not fair but don't get angry if a friend yells at you, be there for them like they will be there for you. Don't undermine someone else's upset, just because it's something that would never upset you. Give people a chance to breathe and just give them a chance.  

I could go on and on talking about how we are human and how it's okay to feel 110 different emotions and it's okay to not be ok, but, I want to wrap things up with something I've learnt that's very important over the last month. You need to trust yourself. You may ask what does that actually mean? Well, that's up to you...  

Well, that was a bit intense wasn't it.... For the next part of the blog, what did we do?! 

We kicked off our first half of the day exploring Budapest and watching the sky change into most beautiful colours ever!

We walked across the bridge and saw the city light up in the most gorgeous city lights.

On the second day we went to the St. Stephens Basilica Church, the Terror Museum (which was very underwhelming and I kind of really don't recommend unless you want to see why you wouldn't ever want to visit it.) and popped into a ruin bar. We also wanted to go to an ice bar and the 'for sale bar' which we didn't end up going too! :( 

We then finished the day with a visit to Szimpla (the ruin bar) which was a little bit surreal. There were lots of rooms, one for cocktails, one for beers one for food etc. There was so much going on, the walls were filled with memories and people marking their presence by signing. It was filled with meaningful quotes and just being there felt special, because you know people that were there all had a story to tell and seeing that just made me happy and regained my trust in people and that people still want to explore and travel and experience and technology hasn't completely killed us emotionally. Does that even make sense? 

Several yummy cocktails later, we decided to call it a night!!
The next morning we woke up later than expected and set off on another day of adventures, hiking up to the Buda Castle and we cisited the gallery there which ended up being really cool! We really wanted to go to the parliament but that didn't work out. My recommendation is to get up really early, go to the parliament, take a tour if you want to as it shuts at 4pm, then explore the castle properly and the gallery which is open till 5pm. On your way to the castle definitely visit the Liberty statue as it's absolutely worth the climb for the view! Oh and btdubs, the distance between the castle and the parliament is insanely deceiving its very very long and my feet did not like my choice of footwear (heeled booties) for the endeavour- but we all do it for the blog don't we #ootd #thingsthatbloggersdo not that I'm a blogger but you get the point.

As we strolled along the Budapest banks, I really wanted to stumble upon these shoes that commemorate the killing of jewish people during the pro-German time in Hungary. Very emotional to say the least. I definitely recommend visit these, it's important we remember history and although I need to work on that, this was very thought provoking for sure! 

The trip was wrapped up by a super relaxing swim in the szechenyi thermal bath. Pls google it like pronto, bcos it's very gorgeous and you'll wanna go if you're there!! 

When in Budapest you can not not try the buns. THE BUNS are to die for! I put on a good few pounds, but man they were worth every uncounted calorie!!!! 

I hope you enjoyed my little buda diary, if you have any questions do leave them in the comments! Stay tuned for part two! 

Lot's of love,
P.s Let's be friends?!

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