'It takes 5 seconds to change your mind'

Fear of failing and not succeeding is the primary ingredient of failure and lack of success. Isn't it funny how life works?! That's the question I've been repeating over and over more frequently than I realised, but it's true.

We all have fears, I think we all have many of them. Some that we have we don't even realise they're fears and at that, we don't really think about them. I've just spend a long wonderful weekend with the most amazing human being, we got lost in many different conversations, but one thing she said really stuck to me. 'It takes 5 seconds to change your mind'. If you have an opportunity, if you don't say yes within those 5 seconds, you begin to think about all the things that could go wrong and all the reasons why you shouldn't take that opportunity. Fear takes over. What she said really made me think. We are all afraid of failure, of not knowing what to do with our lives, we put so much pressure on ourselves to just figure things out. And the thing is, we don't have to. All we have to do, is try our best at doing what we are doing and say yes to opportunities that would develop us as a person. After you say yes, you may open doors you never thought you'd open, you may meet people you never thought you'd meet, you may learn things you've never thought you'd learn and guess what?! Yes you may fail, but it's not failing if you keep getting up again. So what if you fail once, twice, three times and maybe a thousand times after that?! No one will think any less of you? I've come to realise that repetitiveness is what I fear. Imagine living your life and looking back only to realise it's all exactly the same and the only thing that has changed is that you got older. Not wiser, because you'v not experienced enough. Why? You didn't say yes.

So I'd like to take this opportunity to say YES! I'm saying yes to opportunity. I'm saying yes to growth, to experience, to meeting new people, to delving into something unknown, to doing something that actually kind of freaks me out, I'm saying yes to nutrition, yes to health, yes to self-love, yes to a new venture and a big fat YES to JUICE PLUS!

I want to be a better me, I want to take the opportunity to spread the goodness. It's not like any other brand do your own research and you will find out just how good it is for you, because hey who doesn't want to earn money through spreading nutritious and healthy goodness?

Stay tuned for more information on this new and exiting product. If you have ANY questions whether it's about the product, the business or simply curious to what this whole Juice Plus is about feel free to add me on facebook Anzelika Grigorjeva or e-mail me if you want to ask me anything!

P.s just so you know, juice plus isn't paying me to do this or to advertise. I'm joining the juice Plus Entrepreneurship opportunity to become a franchise of a sort and a distributor. I've done my research have you done yours?

Lots of Love
P.s Let's be friends?!

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