Valentines Day.

There are many types of valentines day people in the world. The ones that are in complete denial of the existence of the day 'What even is valentines day?'.
The ones that believe it's all about the marketing 'utter commercial crap'. Perhaps you're the 'I'M ALONE AND PROUD' kind of person, with a liking of a good movie, snacks and me time to spend day with your girls... Or maybe you're one of those super romantic ones, that get obsessed over all things valentines so you may have the heart shaped treats and all things pink and red, well and truly covered. Pink cookies? CHECK. Pink hot chocolate?! CHECK!! Valentine's Day movie?! CHECK!!! There's absolutely nothing wrong with ether of those 'types'. I don't think I know what you of Valentine's Day person I am yet!?

P.s Big up to the first post of the year... Let's hope it will be more than once a year this year aye....

I thought I will post a few picture of a look I came up really randomly, and I thought it was really befitting the whole Valentines day vibe. Really I'm just here to wish you a really happy Valentine's day. It's just a day at the end of the day, you should always love and care for others, but just like a new years day, it's nice to have a day to celebrate and make things extra special! I don't have a strong Valentine's day opinion. I like the idea of it, I like how all shops light up all things red and pink and it's always nice to have an excuse to wear a bright pink lipstick in mid winter! 

Primer: Baby Skin Primer- Maybelline 
Foundation: Infallible Stay Fresh Finish- L'Oreal
Bronzer: Hoola- Benefit Cosmetics
Highlighter: Master Sculpt and Shimmer Waves in 04- Maybelline and The body Shop

Primer: Nars
Base: Jumbo eye pencil in Milk- NYX
Eyeshadow Palette: Naked 3
Eyeliner: Sephora Liquid Liner
Mascara: They're Real- Benefit Cosmetics 
Brows: Brow Artist Genius Kit- L'Oreal 

Prom- B. Make-up

Unfiltered picture for you guys so you can get the sense of true colours! 

Basically what I did is use a shimmery colour from the highlighter I used (Master Sculpt), then in the crease I started with Liar, added a dash of Factory and finally mixed Mugshot with Parkside. It's really simple and all it is, is blending! As per aye?! 

Once again, I hope you have a fab fab fab February and love yourself first.... (So appropriate when Justin Bieber is playing, I just can't not say this....) 

Another little make up look if you want it. It's different and I kinda worked hard on it so.... mwaah

Lots of Love
P.s Let's be friends?!


  1. What a lovely fresh face!
    Great post!


    1. Thank you lovely, I appreciate you reading <3

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  2. You are so beautiful! I'm so jealous of your face! I've been wanting to try the Hoola Bronzer for ages but always forget to pick it up! Definitely going to!

    Sophie xx |

    1. Omg literally stop and look at you!!!! I loveeeee it so much, but now there are soooo many brozers out there it's kind of getting lost in my makeup! <3