L'occitane: August body care wishlist

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As I was packing my bag to jet off to Ibiza for a couple of nights, consciously taking way too many things that can't possibly be worn in such a short period of time, I've realised that I'm in possession of far too many half empty body care products.

So, with this realisation, came a promise I made to myself... Use it all up and freshen up the body care department. Meanwhile, I wanted to jump on and share a few things I've recently been eying up. With university just around the corner, it will be the perfect opportunity to freshen up and why not a create a wishlist to go along with it. The products that are featured on this post is from L'OCCITANE, which you may or may not have heard if.

If you've been reading for quite a while now, you will know that there are a few things I've been searching for in body care department. Unless it's a totally desperate situation, I do try and stay away from parabens and alluminium in my deodrants

This lil guy is not only all of the things above, but additionally it's free from alcohol too! Getting used to a stick deodorant is quite tough and I haven't done it yet. Somewhere between a gym session and swiftly making my way to work there after, it just doesn't seem like a good idea. BUT I feel like this would make the transition sooo much easier and the reviews are absolutely fab too! 

Foot Cream
Shea Butter Food Cream
There are very few things in life that I cannot live without, and foot creams are one of them, I liked the look of this particular one because a. I'm a fan of Shea and b. it seems like it would soften up the hard and dry feet I have. There a few genes in life I was blessed with, and feet are not one of them.

Absolute necessity when it comes to my body care is to have a scrub that would get all the dry bits off, there's nothing worse that feeling like you have dead skin on your body, and with a very failed recent spray tan, I wish I had this in my life. 

And, to seal it all up, you got to add the moisturiser. Moisturiser for me is not necessary, its just absolutely essential. Like a shell on a snails back. Ok ok, I shan't continue with similes, they will end up being very terrible, point being, moisturiser: crucial. This lotion would be my pick for the morning, I love me a good moisturiser that dries quick, yet keeps the dry bits at bay! 
Making this wishlist and finding out more about the products by L'OCCITANE is making me excited about freshening up my body care department. I never payed much attention to this brand but I've enjoyed taking the time to find out more about it and I'm excited to pop into their shop the next time I stumble upon it. And until then, you can shop their body care range here.

I hope you have a fantabulous day and enjoy the last bit of sun we've been having! 
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  1. That deodorant seems interesting haha and it sounds great for the summer! I haven't heard or come across this brand before! x

    sami // samiyah.co.uk