Cancer Research Bouquets

Hello lovelies,

You all know that I'm an absolute sucker for fresh flowers so when I was contacted to get a bouquet sent and write about it, I jumped on it straight away.

It's tried and tested, fresh flowers perk your mood right up, so I never hesitate to pick up a bunch in our local farmers market or from someone on a stall by the side of the road. But, whether it's to boost your besties mood, a birthday, a thank you or perhaps you want to congratulate someone with the arrival of a new babba into the world, Cancer Research got your back.

Being away from home at uni, means I'm missing a lot of occasions so it's nice to be able to still acknowledge these things with a bunch of flowers. Though the struggle is real when you're not buying it yourself and you're unaware of it's quality. Cancer Research promise quality and deliver on it. I was super happy with mu bunch, as I've been in the position, where they arrive and you have to water them for 2/3 days before they come alive again.

What's great about Cancer Research (who've teamed up with Arena Flowers) to bring you fresh bouquets, is that not only will they bring you incredibly fresh flowers but you can also rest easy knowing 25% of the value from your order will be donated to Cancer Research.

The website is filled with Organic, Fair Trade and British Flowers, paired up nicely with a free standard delivery and a good cause I wouldn't be getting mine from anywhere else!

If you ever find yourself in need of a flower delivery service, especially if you live away from home, i highly recommend this site for both quality and service.

You can check them out here...


  1. aw, this is so thoughtful. Those roses look so beautiful. Really enjoyed reading this lovely x

    sami //

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