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There comes a time in your life when you just gotta  let go and try something new... NYX has finally hit proper shops in the U.K. becoming more accessible than ever (thanks for that NYX). ]

From our beloved lip butters we all drooled over through our youtube screens, to finally being able to access them ourselves- I'm sure our wallets are super happy about that, not.

Tame & Frame Tinted Brow Pomade in Betrayal £5.50
The youtube community went mental over the Anastasia Beverly Hills products and the gel pomade was one of them. I really didn't understand the hype of it until I tried the NYX alternative. I can't say it's a dupe as I've never had the pleasure of trying the original. I was genuinelly really surprised, if you thought your powder is all you need, you're wrong. I feel like once you try this out, there's no going back. The consistency is super soft and it applies really easily and evenly, to give you whichever shape you desire. I can't believe how percisely you can literally paint your eyebrows on, I can never get my arches looking at least similar, but this makes it that much easier! At £5.50, I give this guys a 5/5.

Nude Matte Shadow in Betrayal £4.00
When I was looking for a great eyebrow powder, that's what I found. Sure the colour is a tad off, and I'm sure I would have found the right one if I looked good enough as the colour selection is vast. BUT the important thing is that it's extremely pigmented. Incredibly pigmented, like really pigmented. No need to swirl your brush in, a tap will suffice, especially for the eyebrow. It's amazing if you want a darker crease colour too. A true matte brown, everyone needs in their lives. It's my favourity type of betrayal (lol, get it?!) and if you don't have a dollar for the MAC this is a great alternative!

Matte Liquid Liner in Black £5.50
It's a very much loved product in the blogging world and as I was on a hunt to replace my beloved sephora matte liquid eyeliner, I came across this NYX one. The shop assisstant at Boots reassured me it's matte, but somehow I fail to 100% confirm that. It's matte(ish). After my sephora one, I really stuggle to find something I love just as much, or at least almost as much. It definitely isn't 100% matte you can tell by the pictures, but I still love it and gravitate to it over any other eyeliner. Probably because of the tiny brush on it allowing to achieve that sharp wing with! Unfortunately my bristles have started to sepeate and i I'm not careful it gives me a wonky line when a bristle pops out. For that reason and the finish I shall give it a 3.5/5. If I wasn't looking for it to be super matte, it would be a point higher.

Exotic Lip Lingerie £6.50
This is the best lip stuff I've tried in a long time. I can't hype enough about it! I haven't tried super expensive ones. but I adore this colour and the finish. It's the only lip stick I own that stays on for the whole day of me being at work. Of course after eating and drinking it fades a little bit and it's probably a good idea to keep it in your purse just in case. However as far as the finish, colour, lasting power and price goes, it really is a 5/5 for me.

Perhaps for those of you who are looking for a lasting power of a 12hr+ you may struggle to see the benefits of this. I disagree, I think it's an amazing product that doesn't completely dry out your lips, it doesn't roll up and end up in your mouth/ teeth and once you leave it on, you actually forget you're wearing it, you gravitate towards applying another coat, when you notice it's actually still on and in full force!

So those were my thoughts, stay tuned for 'Testing out PRIMARK makeup' which will go up on my youtube channel!

Until next time lovelies


  1. Girl! You look amazing! Definitely need to get myself the Exotic Lip Lingerie!

    Sophie xx | www.snippetofsophie.com

    1. Thank you lovely!! There are sooooo many colours out that would look so amazing on you!! <3 xoxo

  2. Awww thank you! This lip colour looks fab on you <3 xxx

  3. I love that lip colour and your brows look fantastic!