So, I've been lucky enough to have all these balls at my university that I had the opportunity to attend. Before I went to university, I never really had the opportunity to wear floor length dresses, so I was super happy with all these events that were coming up. I thought I'd share a few dresses that I personally think look timeless and classic, in case you have any events to attend like summer balls or graduation balls, or perhaps you were an invitee as a plus one? Being a student, I was of course shopping on a budget, so if you're looking for affordable, yet very classy evening wear dresses, you may find this post useful! 
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I'm absolutely in love with this halter neck dress from Boohoo, I just feel like it's so classic and not just because of the colour, but also the neckline is very classy and elegant. If you love the blacks in your wardrobe, but you still want to feel and look fab, this number could be for you. It has a nice slit in the middle that allows your leg to peak through, without giving away too much. This dress I wore on Saturday to a Graduation Ball event, and I must admit, I felt very sophisticated. It's very conservative in terms of you only have your arms and a little bit of the back showing, yet the leg peak, gives it the sexy feel that we all want to feel, right? And guess what? It's only £25 freaking pounds AND you get student discount if you're a student!! Bloody bargain if you ask me! 

The next little number is a little more daring and it shows off a little more, yet it's still classy, because although I am on a student budget, I don't want to look trashy! I feel like this dress lays beautifully on paler people as well as darker/ tanned people as it's quite a blue toned red, it definitely works with any skin type. This is another gem that I've discovered, although it's retailing for £20 currently, it was on sale when I bought it with a 20/25% discount!!! If you look at the link of the actual dress online, you will also notice that the reason behind this daring dress, is because you can let your knockers free and show off that cheeky side melon!
P.s. Mine is in colour RED not Oxblood. 

And lastly, one of my fave dresses I wore that is also 'just black' but the details make up for it being black and certainly not anywhere close to boring. The lace detailing definitely gives it the va va voom factor and you may have seen a reoccurring theme of leg slits, because I feel like they make these types of dresses! This little baby is on for £15 right now from £50! When I purchased mine it was around £25 or so pounds, but I feel like it would look different and unique on anyone, so I would recommend getting this like RIGH NOW! I mean lace and black? That's a time capsule piece. 

The shoes are from NewLook, but any strappy heels would look gorgeous with these dresses!

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  1. omg wow, you look absolutely stunning in all of these dresses!! I think the first one is my fave, I love the shape of it :) x

    Sara / AboutLittleThiings

    1. Heya Sara! I Agree, a black dress will always remain timeless. The first one I absolutely adore too because it's so elegant and I love the high halter neck style on it. It makes it concealed yet makes you feel very fab! Thank you for leaving a comment <3