How our generation lacks in determination

Determination is a funny funny thing. It's something we seem to battle everyday. I absolutely envy people who can hop out of bed, breakfast, gym, shower and schedule their day all before 9am strikes. 

Unfortunately not everyone is built like that. In the past few days I realised the importance of having determination. I bet you're thinking... well duuuh. But no, I too throw around just how determined I am here and there, and everywhere, including any job application or cover letter that comes my way.

But, saying you're determined doesn't make you determined. 

What I'm talking about is being truly determined in your gut. The type of determined that keeps you up at night but gets you up in the morning. Determination that makes you choose working towards your goal over binging on Grey's Anatomy, the determination that makes you see the light despite the sh***y day you're having, because you know why you're doing it and it's worth it. The thing that gets you through, the kind of determination that keeps you going. 

Sounds great doesn't it? But how do you learn it, where can you get it?

Sorry, you can't. 

That kind of determination only strikes if you know what you want and where you want to be. But really really know. In your gut. 

Goals are what drives you. But goals that are black and white. Like you ether do this and put in the work or you're not getting anywhere.

Far too often schools, universities and in life, we have too many option. And hold up, I know I know we don't all have that luxury, and trust me when I say I know. But try and understand what I'm saying here. 

It's ok if you fail exams because you can take a different exam. It's ok if you don't pass you test, there's always another test, it's ok if you don't get into uni, there's a different option. It's ok if you fail uni, there are other options. And all that might be actually ok, if you know in your heart you put your best effort. 110%. But sometimes options and second chances, like many things in life are taken for granted or used as an excuse.

There is no real ultimatum, and that's the problem. There is always a way out. And sometimes I get so mad at myself for thinking that there is a way out. For example, there is always tomorrow. I can always go for a run tomorrow. I can always start this tomorrow and all for what? Because you're too consumed by social media? Too attached to Netflix? Too damn occupied and obsessed with things that really aren't that big of a matter?

Where is the fire in the belly? Where are the things that set your soul on fire?


That's how I feel and that's what describes my generation.  There is no fire in my generation. We grew up bubble wrapped.

I feel like determination comes out of a place where you see one way and no matter what, you cannot fail, because there is only one way. I admire people who see that way and I get motivated by being surrounded by people like that. When I said generation, of course I didn't mean the WHOLE generation, so pleased don't be a know-it-all and give me crap argument about that, because I know. 

I want to surround myself with people who have goals, but not in a mundane way, but who's goals and dreams actually scare them I strive to be a person who motivates others in that way too. I want to be the girl who someone calls determined. Not someone who writes that on an application.

Moral of the story is, find that fire and never ever, ever let it go out. 

Now, I understand that exams are not for everyone, I'm just making example and a lot of the things I talk about are to illustrate a point. Everything I've said is reflective of my feelings and what I'm going through, I am generalising so please don't be silly. And I realised that people go through a really crappy time in their life and that we aren't all bubble wrapped (Hell I should know, I was definitely not for the first half of my life) but I'm glad, I'm better for it, but I know I could of been even worse off than I am.


  1. ugh this is literally the BEST thing I've read all day!! Damn Angelika, you are saying true words and preaching. I'm speechless right now, seriously. You couldn't have said it any better. Determination makes a HUGE difference in our lives and it's only easy to achieve our goals if we have that continuous drive and stamina to achieve the greatest. Love this so much and I may be a lil obsessed with your blog and everything about it right now! xxx


    1. I'm soooo glad you enjoyed it! I don't want anyone to think I'm like determined now, I just wish I was surrounded by more goal orientated people who know what they want. That's the only way to push yourself and work with others! I'm lucky that the blogging community is so motivating and makes you want to hustle!

      THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! You're like my personal cheerleader and your comments always make me so happy Sammi xoxoxo

  2. I feel like so many people claim they're determined but when it comes to choosing Netflix or their phone instead of going that step further to better themselves or get one step closer towards their goals - I bet I know which option they would choose. And I'm guilty of this too. - I think we all are to a certain extent. Thank you for this post - I think we all need to be reminded of this every once in a while!

    Christie x

    1. I'm so guilty of Netflix. I think its okay to work really hard and reward yourself, but I just wish there were more determined people around me so I could push myself. I get really mad at myself for like being lazy for no reason when I feel like I don't deserve it but I seem to do it more and more. I really do think social media and technology has a big part to play, like you haven't done anything, but you feel tired. And I think technology leaves no room for being determined as it sucks the energy out.

      So, point I'm trying to make is to use everything in moderation... And I need to take my own advice hahah! Thank you for reading Christie xoxoxo

  3. I loved this post- I am exactly the same when it comes to being determined to do something but then postponing it to the next day and so on. I also sometimes worry I'm too determined and that scares me sometimes. xx

    1. I feel like we're all guilty, but it's important to surround yourself with like minded people and keep your eyes on the prize! Nothing wrong with a day of chill as a reward, without getting slobby and lazy. Got to love a good lazy day, but there is a thin line of giving yourself a lazy day and actually being lazy if that makes sense? All takes work and dedication! Thank you for reading lovely xoxo

  4. Really like this post. Feel like everyone wants the easy way out and no one wants to really work to get where they are and have lost the passion. Maybe the generation doesnt see whats ahead and arent prepared? They need to find that fire! xxx

    Vanessa x

    1. Thanks for reading my blog lovely, I just don't think people know the real meaning of consequence and not many are scared of failure and if your not scared to fail, then what will keep you going? xoxox

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