First blogger event | What I wore

Hey lovelies, me again! I know I know, I do come out of nowhere, and perhaps I should establish some sort of a schedule, but you cannot schedule inspiration!

Since my last post was super long, I'm taking it back today with a quick OOTD of what I wore to my first ever blogger event which was held at River Island Birmingham.

what to wear to a blogger event

The Outfit
You may be attending your first ever event but AAAAHHH, she screams looking at her full wardrobe... *Nothing to wear* She thinks....

If you're struggling for idea's hopefully this post can inspire you! You can read about my experience here, but today it's all about the outfit. *Note to self: must not get carried away*

what to wear to a blogger eventwhat to wear to a blogger event
 what to wear to a blogger event

what to wear to a blogger event
what to wear to a blogger event
I got so many compliments on instagram about my trousers or should I say culottes, that it made want to write this even more! So for all you curious souls, here's the ootd and all the deets! 

Top: Missguided (here)
Shirt: Zara (Similar here)
Culottes: Zara (Here)
Heels: Boohoo (Similar here)

Lots of love

So another huge thank you to Nav for her fab photography


  1. amazing outfit, the shoes are my fave! xx

    1. Thank you doll! I Got saw them on boohoo for like £10-12 and I had to have them! xoxo

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  3. You look insane Angelika I love the whole thing!

  4. Great blog! Love this look so much! Glad I found you on google+ :)