10 reasons being single is better

Take this with a pinch of salt please. I've been in relationships before and I know it's not all doom and gloom... But since I'm not in one now, I thought it would be fun... It is valentine's season after all...

1.) You get to starfish in bed all.the.time.
And ain't nobody sending you memes about how you hog the bed... Old joke now my man.

2.) You don't have to slave in the kitchen
No more slaving away trying to impress your partner. If you just want toast and beans, toast and beans it shall be. 

3.) You don't have to shower.
Like sometimes you just want to marinate in your own odour. Ok gross, that's actually disgusting, but hey girl (or boy), you do you and I will totally support your life decisions.

4.) You get your zen (or not).
Being in a relationship is great, but now you have one less thing to stress about, one less thing to argue about and one less thing to care about. More time for friends, family and you, whatever that may mean.

5.) You only buy presents for you.
When you're at uni every penny counts. That £50 present could literally break you. But hey, now you don't have to bend over backwards trying to find the perfect present. Also it means you can spend it on yourself, because that's like really important. And no Loreli, I bought me a present.... 

6.) You do whatever you want.
You go out when you want and you don't have to let them know when, how, what and why, and you don't have to worry about letting your partner know you're home safe when you're p*ssed and it's the last thing you're thinking about

7.) You can take more risks and and not bore your travel buddies to death. 
Is your job, university or an adventure taking you to a different city? Country? Heck, a new continent? Great, get your passport out, because you don't have an anchor tying you down. And no one likes that one person who always has to excuse themselves to ring their boyfriend when on holiday... Trust me.

8.) You save energy. 
You don't need to justify why this guy texted you or why you were having enchiladas back at home with your best friend or why you never replied to that one text asking how your day was when they full well know... It was exactly the same as yesterday. The weather is great too you know, I'm sure you have windows and the weather app. 

9.) You have more time. 
Especially to find things that you like rather what you both like, you can concentrate on that project you're working on and not worry about having to entertain someone else. Yes that project may be watching 7 seasons of Gilmore Girls back to back, but who the hell cares 

10.) LIVE IT UP.
Travel, culture yourself or sl*t drop if your heart desires so, how you want where you want. Get lost in your hobbies, create, do, jump swim, be crazy... You can do that now. 

And hey, when you find the right person, you will know and I will be here typing 10 fabulous things about being in a relationship.

Please don't take this post too seriously, don't sulk over being single, smile a bit. Valentines day doesn't have to be miserable unless you are, and hey, when the Mr. Valentine comes along, they will. Time baby g, give it time. You will not be single forever so enjoy while you are!

Lots of love


  1. I love this post seriously put a smile on my face. We always dwell on being single but in reality there is so many positives!

    1. Sure it can be lonely sometimes, but if it's not the right person there is no point in hanging on! xoxoxo (Sorry it took me years to reply b!!) <3