Is sun the recipe for happiness?


So I always used to think, that being in the sun is all I need to cure any sadness that I ought to be feeling. However, being in the hottest sun, on the most BEAUTIFUL island- Bali, proved a different story. Having not yet secured a placement, which potentially means I loose 10% of my overall degree mark, a broken laptop, which meant I can't keep up my social media or the volume of applications...*breathes a little* 

As happy as I tried to be, being out here in Bali... Seminyak to be precise, it was simply not the case. I spent the first 5 days balling my eyes out, worrying about my family, feeling guilty and annoyed at myself... I shouldn't be out here enjoying myself, when my life is quite literally upside down. It's a total chaos of a mess and I couldn't even begin to try and unscramble it, because I didn't know where to even begin. I spent my days thinking just how unlucky I am, and the question 'why me, why always me?' crept up more than usual. 

At the end of my weeping phase, and it turned out to be just that... A phase as it normally and usually is. After talking to the only human that knows how to give me a kick up the butt when it's necessary (la madre) I realised. If your life is a mess as you're experiencing a first world devastation stage, where rather to than in Bali?? So anyway, this amazing human of a woman I'm eternally grateful to call my mother, made me realise that things have its purpose and a way of working out. It's not yet worked out for me and I'm working on it, so this is not coming from a place of 'I've achieved something or overcome something so I'm gonna preach now'. No, rather, it's coming from a place of realisation that it's not always me. Who knows, maybe I would be the unhappiest person on earth if a certain internship/ placement did work out. Life has a funny way of shining a light into the darkness sometimes.

Yes I may be sounding dramatic and I'm the first to admit that my problems don't compare to others, but you have to realise that no matter the struggle someone else is going through, yours matters too. You can't scale it and compare it, because people lead and live different lives and different conditions. 

ANYWAY, that is off topic, so, going back to my mum, who made me realise just how lucky I am to have a family, to be able to go to university and to even have the opportunity to be travelling to Bali. To some this may not seem as crazy, but you ask a 10 year old me, whether I have even known what Bali is or that if I would even be taking about a holiday outside my little Lithuania.... It was never in my dreams or perspective because it was simply not a possibility. I owe everything to the woman who brought me up, it's because of her that I have these opportunities. I mean yes I worked hard and that's why I'm in Bali, my mum didn't give me money for this, she gave me something far more special. She gave me a desire and passion, fire in my belly to want more, to see more and not to settle. She gave me the resilience to keep going no matter what, and she always always always makes me realise just how lucky I am to have her and the rest of my family by my side. 

As time went by from my young age, to my teens, to now, I realise that family is the most important thing. Cliche huh? You'd think so, but it's true, you don't appreciate your family when you're young, and it's only as you grow older, as you experience more, as you fly the cosy nest of yours for the first time... Only then do you realise the true value of family. I truly and deeply feel for those who fail to realise that. We can find family and comfort in many things. Don't forget that. 

So the moral of the story? There is no recipe for happiness. And no I'm not pessimistic, quite the opposite actually. All I know is that you have to work hard, set goals and pick yourself up. And as I've been told throughout this holiday... Everything is going to be ok in the end, if it's not ok, it's not the end. 

With that 'wisdom' and a simple conversation with my mum, I hope you take something away. It's a simple concept but keep your heart light and keep it sunny and find happiness right under your nose. Maybe when we appreciate what we have, may it be family, new pair of shoes that make you feel fabulous, be it a new job, be it an interesting person you met the other day. Find happiness when it's beside you and you will find happiness in the horizon.

Lots of Love 


  1. Absolutely love this girly! Bless your Mum, she sounds like a wise owl! I'll come back to this post whenever I need reminding that happiness is right under my nose. Thank you <3

    Sophie xx |

    1. Thank you lovely! That means so much! I keep coming back to it too hahaha! Thanks for reading <3 <3