About Me

Heya, I'm Angelika!

So firstly, welcome to my first proper blog!

Majority of the time you will find me laughing uncontrollably with my favourite people wearing pineapple hair, or crying because Dan gave half of his kidney to Steve on Hawaii 5-0 because he was his bestie. I love travelling, and whether its a flight to Bali or taking a bus to somewhere new locally, I love discovering little unique nooks of the world. You may also find me binge watching Gilmore Girls (again), or attempting a new hobby and failing miserably.

I feel like no matter how long or short I make this post, you can't get a better sense of me and who I am than reading my lifestyle posts on my blog. They always peak during certain times, when something doesn't go right or something is falling into place.

So I'm a 20 year old marketing student currently undergoing a placement year in the industry of PR & Marketing. It's pretty cool as we get to work with lots of different clients and I recommend to anyone, if they have the chance to take a placement year. It's teaching me so much about myself, the job role, the field itself.

E-mail for anyone wishing to contact me for PR enquiries or similar:

Twitter: angelikablogs
Instagram: angelikaag
Youtube: angelikablogs

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